About Us

Sick of hearing about people travelling all the way to an exotic location only to sunbathe by the pool and go to the day spa? So are we! We are addicted to travel and adventure and we like to mix things up while we’re doing it. We are young, fun and like to live life on the edge. From climbing mountains and camping out, to kayaking, rock climbing and experiencing true culture and local food. If it involves pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones and an activity worthy of a tale; then we’ll do it!

When we aren’t travelling, we love to take care of our health and our bodies. We hit the gym 5 or 6 days a week so on our blog you can also keep up with our diet, workout regime, and other fitness related pursuits like obstacle course races and half marathons.

We hope you enjoy our adventures and welcome any tips or sugggestions from you on local activities and travel ideas while we are abroad.

– Chris and Ashleigh

About Ashleigh Lawrence:

I’m an actress from the Gold Coast, Australia. I’m a personal trainer at Gymbox Holborn, specialising in strength training for fat loss and body transformations.  I recently competed in my first powerlifting competition and am currently training to compete nationally this year.

I like to keep busy,  so in addition to hanging with my amazing boyfriend Chris and trying to travel and see as much of the world as possible, I am constantly coming up with other creative ways to fill my time.

I love spending time outdoors… I really enjoy the beach, swimming, snorkelling and hiking.  I am always up for an adventure. I also love hitting the gym and lifting weights (love training with Chris!). Anything to do with food, I’m there. Eating is definitely on my list of favourite activites!! I love travelling, I really want to go to 30 countries before I’m 30, and visit all 7 continents before I die.


About Chris Beight:

I’m a 27 year old personal trainer from Christchurch, New Zealand. I run my London based company Immortal Fitness Limited out of Gymbox, Covent Garden. I moved to London on my own in early 2013 after deciding it was where I needed to be to further my career and discover the world.

I am a competing natural bodybuilder, power lifter and strength athlete. A real geek at heart; I have previous experience as a corporate graphic designer, IT support technician and 3d modeller/animator. Before this  I graduated from University with a Classics degree and no bloody clue!

At the moment, when I’m not working on my business and tackling the world with my incredible girlfriend, I’m trying to come up with new entrepreneurial ideas and break into the fitness modelling scene. I am currently on a billboard campaign in the London Underground for Gymbox so that’s a start!

My interests vary quite extensively. I love nothing more than destroying myself in some sort of fitness-related activity, whether that is throwing around Olympic bars in the gym or tackling a half-marathon. Anything that involves blood, sweat and tears and the possibility of injury and I’m there! I am massively interested in the arts, history, technology, classics and astronomy. I try to explore everywhere I go, whether it’s an art gallery or a long forgotten tomb. I love rock climbing, hunting, trekking… Basically anything outdoors and anything that will put me outside of my comfort zone!

Some of my 2014 goals are to begin writing a new fiction/fantasy book, compete in a Reebok Spartan Race, apply for my US citizenship and climb a mountain!



5 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Thanks for visiting me at xballerina! I love this blog! I completely agree. My husband is a dancer as well, and we are super active. We’ve tried the whole “lay on the beach” vacation thing once, and it made us totally crazy. We love to sightsee amazing historic cities, buildings and beautiful natural surroundings. All walking of course:))) Awesome that you can share this together….


  2. hey dreamers
    thanks for passing by and like my post.
    I found your description very interessant. I confirm… I am sick of those kind of travels that only meant to keep all day in the hotel, sun bathed and other similar stuff!
    and I am trying to contradict exactly that!


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Follow power couple Chris Beight and Ashleigh Lawrence, as they travel the world, seeking adventure and kicking ass in the process.

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