Romantic Weekend Away, Paris (Part 3)

I have always heard stories about Montmartre and wanted to visit, so we decided to head there for dinner. Chris checked out some restaurants on Time Out, and found one named La Renaissance. According to Time Out’s review,  it had been used as the location for filming for Inglorious Basterds. They also rated it 5 stars. We thought this sounded great, so booked a table.

Unfortunately, the review was a bit off. The reviewer was correct in that the dishes were cheap and large portions, however the food was nothing to write home about and our waiter was laughably unfriendly.  We can’t complain too much as it was fairly cheap. I think if we hadn’t read such a glowing review beforehand, and saw the ‘5 stars’ rating, then we probably wouldn’t have thought too much about what was a very large meal, albeit low quality.

After dinner we walked up into the more romantic part of Montmartre, where the streets are paved with cobblestones and the houses sit on steep hills. The streets ascend rapidly, and after walking up many sets of stairs we reached the top of the hill, where the Sacre Coeur church is perched on top.


We enjoyed the view of the city and the young French guys playing on their guitar and entertaining the people sitting outside the church on the steps. It must be a popular place for locals to come and hang out on the weekends.

We walked back down the stairs on the other side of the church, down towards the red light district side. We stopped to have coffee and desert (loving those French pastries!) and then continued on to find the Moulin Rogue.

We got the train home. Paris’s Metro system is not as scary as I thought it was going to be. Although the map looks quite daunting (way more lines and stops than London’s underground), it was not too bad at all! I downloaded an app called Metro 01 (free on the app store) and it works offline. Just put in where you are and where you want to go and it does all the work for you!

Our final day in Paris had arrived too quickly! We decided to go to the Palace of Versailles, which is about 45 mins to an hour away by train.

Word of warning: if you are going on a Monday, the Palace will be closed! It was probably my fault (although don’t tell Chris that!), as I had looked on the website and organised how to get there. We arrived and went to the ticket office, only to find that the Palace is closed every Monday. Luckily our trip wasn’t entirely wasted, as the gardens are open everyday and are free. We went for an epic walk around the gardens, which are much bigger than we anticipated!

Palace of Versailles

We spent hours walking around the gardens and had lunch, then it was time to head back to pick up our bags before getting the Eurostar back to London. Goodbye, Paris! We’ll be back soon for sure!



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