Steroids in Crossfit

Here is my first fitness-related post for our blog. It comes after reading an article linked by a top fitness journal I follow, called the ‘The Personal Trainer Development Center’. In ‘The Top Fitness Articles of the Week’, Feb 10, 2014, they linked a post called ‘Steroids, Crossfit and The Crossfit Games: Who & How.’

This article particularly got on my nerves as I am constantly dealing with people who talk behind my back and accuse me of being on performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) – something which I have never taken and never will. I am actually vehemently opposed to them, but that’s a separate story.

In the article, they name and shame well-known Crossfit champions as being on steroids, without a single shred of actual evidence. I felt this blatant defamation was wrong and you can read my full response to their article here:!Rebuttal-to-Steroids-Crossfit-and-The-Crossfit-Games-Who-How/cxo2/B907F10C-ACD3-4196-ABF5-9798199504B7


2 thoughts on “Steroids in Crossfit”

  1. I have to say that I agree with you. There’s a lot of jealously out there in the fitness world and when one person fails to make gains in their physique, they proceed to point fingers and make absurd accusations about the progress that others make.


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