Romantic Weekend Away, Paris (Part 3)

I have always heard stories about Montmartre and wanted to visit, so we decided to head there for dinner. Chris checked out some restaurants on Time Out, and found one named La Renaissance. According to Time Out’s review,  it had been used as the location for filming for Inglorious Basterds. They also rated it 5 stars. We thought this sounded great, so booked a table.

Unfortunately, the review was a bit off. The reviewer was correct in that the dishes were cheap and large portions, however the food was nothing to write home about and our waiter was laughably unfriendly.  We can’t complain too much as it was fairly cheap. I think if we hadn’t read such a glowing review beforehand, and saw the ‘5 stars’ rating, then we probably wouldn’t have thought too much about what was a very large meal, albeit low quality.

After dinner we walked up into the more romantic part of Montmartre, where the streets are paved with cobblestones and the houses sit on steep hills. The streets ascend rapidly, and after walking up many sets of stairs we reached the top of the hill, where the Sacre Coeur church is perched on top.


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Romantic Weekend Away, Paris (Part 2)

The next day, we went on a walking tour of Paris. I wanted to walk around and experience the city, as well as visiting several of the landmarks along the way.

After researching some walks online, I found one here (the map is below, but check out the link for more info), and was a scenic route which would show us all the main sights we wanted to see.


The walk began at Notre Dame, we went into the church which is very impressive. Continue reading Romantic Weekend Away, Paris (Part 2)

Rock Climbing, London, United Kingdom

There are many indoor rock climbing centres in London but one in particular; The Castle, In Mile End, London was recommended to me by a client of mine.

20140316_122632 (1)

This proved a great choice as Ash and I had a fun half-day climbing the walls and testing our functional strength.

We hired all our gear when we arrived and I was able to act as Ashleigh’s mentor so that we could top-rope climb here for the first time without going through a more expensive beginner’s course.

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Breakfast Smoothie


This morning's creation
This morning’s creation 

Every morning we have a smoothie to kick start our metabolism and start the day.

Our ingredients include:

– Chia Seeds  – Chia is a South American plant and a great source of Omega 3 fats, protein and fibre. Great for boosting energy. Continue reading Breakfast Smoothie

Cave Stream, Canterbury, New Zealand

Chris taking in Castle Hill
Just taking it all in!

About 100km west of Christchurch, in Canterbury New Zealand is a scenic reserve called Castle Hill. This is home to incredible rock formations; a great spot for rock climbing and bouldering and the set for blockbuster movies such as The Lord of the Rings and Narnia.

Castle Hill rock formations
Castle Hill rock formations

A few km’s north of this is a cave complex called Cave Stream. This is where Ash and I decided to start our next adventure. Equipped with some warm gears, sturdy shoes, head-torches and my good mate Dave, we were ready to tackle the cave head on. Cave Stream has taken lives in the past and if the waters are running high, it is not something to be taken lightly. Continue reading Cave Stream, Canterbury, New Zealand

Steroids in Crossfit

Here is my first fitness-related post for our blog. It comes after reading an article linked by a top fitness journal I follow, called the ‘The Personal Trainer Development Center’. In ‘The Top Fitness Articles of the Week’, Feb 10, 2014, they linked a post called ‘Steroids, Crossfit and The Crossfit Games: Who & How.’

This article particularly got on my nerves as I am constantly dealing with people who talk behind my back and accuse me of being on performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) – something which I have never taken and never will. I am actually vehemently opposed to them, but that’s a separate story.

In the article, they name and shame well-known Crossfit champions as being on steroids, without a single shred of actual evidence. I felt this blatant defamation was wrong and you can read my full response to their article here:!Rebuttal-to-Steroids-Crossfit-and-The-Crossfit-Games-Who-How/cxo2/B907F10C-ACD3-4196-ABF5-9798199504B7

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